When do sections start?

Sections will start the week of September 13 (Week 2). There will also be a full slate of TA office hours where we will be happy to answer all your questions and help you with pset 1.

What are the section times and locations?

*Note: CTL is the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning inside Sterling library. WLH is William Harkness Hall. HQ is the Humanities Quadrangle. WTS is the Watson Center, 60 Sachem St.

Section Time and Place Teaching Fellows
01 Mon 7:00-8:50pm in CTL 120B Robert Luo & Jessie Cheung
02 Mon 7:00-8:50pm Online (link in Canvas) Daniel Ortega & Chad Palmer
03 Tue 9:00-10:50am in CTL 118A Alice Ao & Kassi Correia
04 Tue 9:00-10:50am in WLH 114 Sachi Sharp & Sanchita Kedia
05 Tue 9:00-10:30am in CTL 121 Troy Feng & Michael Zhou
06 Tue 11:35am-1:05pm in CTL 118A Diana Kulmizev & Masayuki Nagase
07 Tue 11:55am-1:45pm in WLH 120 Kaitlyn Sandor & Pranav Senthilvel
08 Tue 1:30-3:00pm in HQ 109 Siena Cizidziel & Trey Lewis
09 Tue 1:30-3:20pm in WTS A39 Andy Pantoja & Lee Chen
10 Tue 1:30-3:20pm in HQ 207 Yuliia Zhukovets & Tiffany Zhang
11 Tue 3:30-5:00pm in WLH 204 Alden Tan & Justin Sung
12 Tue 3:30-5:20pm in WLH 210 Charlie Liu & Allie Liebmann
13 Tue 3:30-5:20pm in WLH 120 Abraham Mensah & Paul Moon
14 Tue 5:30-7:00pm in CTL 120B Jeff Mandell & Dylan Campbell
15 Tue 5:30-7:20pm in HLH17 03 Harry Jain & Alec Buffi
16 Tue 7:00-8:30pm in CTL 120B Christie Yu & David Yu
17 Tue 7:00-8:50pm in HLH17 113 Andrew Zheng & Kelly Chen
18 Wed 9:00-10:50am in CTL 120B Kelly Wei & Daphne Zhu

Remember that section is required and your on time attendance will contribute to your final grade in the course.