Problem Set 1

What to Do

  1. Log into using your GitHub account and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your very own “codespace” for Visual Studio Code
  2. Once your codespace has loaded, close any Welcome tabs that might have opened by default
  3. In Codespace’s terminal, complete the steps under SSH at to configure your codespace for some of CS50’s command-line tools
  4. Log into using your GitHub account and click Authorize to activate check50. This is a one-time-only step and we will not be using this website.
  5. Submit Hello
  6. Submit one of:
  7. Submit one of:
    • Cash if feeling less comfortable
    • Credit if feeling more comfortable
  8. Submit this form

Of the three programs you submit, we’ll record the highest two of your scores. (If you submit both Marios, we’ll record the higher of those two scores. If you submit both of Cash and Credit, we’ll record the higher of those two scores.)

If, after submitting a problem, you receive an email from GitHub indicating that “all jobs have failed,” that just means your code didn’t pass one or more (not necessarily “all”) of CS50’s automated tests. Be sure to re-run check50 as prescribed by a problem and/or re-test your code manually to try to identify the problem. You’re welcome to re-submit as many times as you’d like before the deadline!

When to Do It

By .

How to Get Help


  • Try out any of David’s programs from class via Week 1’s source code.
  • See CS50’s style guide for C for tips on how to improve your code’s style.
  • If you see any errors when compiling your code with make, focus first on fixing the very first error you see, scrolling up as needed. If unsure what it means, try asking help50 for help. For instance, if trying to compile hello, and
    make hello

    is yielding errors, try running

    help50 make hello


  • Ensure your codespace is up-to-date by running update50 in a terminal window and clicking Rebuild now when prompted.