Office Hours

See our office hours schedule below for opportunities to get help with problem sets alongside the course’s instructor and teaching assistants.

If office hours are not in session, and while you wait for help, check out our NEW and continuously improved Common OH Questions doc for a bounty of helpful resources!

All office hours will be conducted via zoom this semester. If OH are currently in session, follow these steps and we’ll be with you soon!

  1. Open a zoom meeting that a TA can join when your turn comes up.

  2. Log in to the Help Console.

  3. From the Help Console, sign up for an active queue (any currently listed) corresponding to the type of question you have.

  4. Type in your question and the link to your zoom meeting.

  5. You should see your question, zoom link, outcome, and your position in the queue at the top of the screen.
    • You can update your question and zoom link at any time without losing your spot!
    • If your question is better suited towards an alternate queue, please remove yourself from your current queue before signing in to another.
  6. When a TA is ready to help you, their information will show on your help console and they will contact you at your zoom URL.
    • If your Zoom meeting is inactive, we will have to move on to the next student in line!
  7. After you are helped, please make the following updates:
    • Update your question to reflect what you actually discussed.
    • Update your outcome to reflect what you learned and the next steps you will take.

We will use this queue system throughout the semester, but we may change the procedure for setting up zoom meetings as zoom rolls out feature updates.

You do not need to log office hour help separately in your help log (which you also access through the help console). Your question, outcome, and the TA who helped you are automatically added to your help log.