When do sections start?

Sections will start the week of September 16 (Week 2). There will be optional, informal sections on Wednesday, Sep 11 within the normal TA office hours. We will announce the precise locations and times on Sep. 9, but there will be one in the early afternoon, one mid-afternoon, and one late afternoon. There will also be a full slate of TA office hours where we will be happy to answer all your questions and help you with pset 1.

What are the section times and locations?

*Note: CTL is the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning inside Sterling library. WLH is William Harkness Hall. AKW is A.K. Watson Hall, 51 Prospect St., aka the Computer Science Building. It is a 19th century, red brick building. WTS is the Watson Center, 60 Sachem St. It is a boxy, black steel and glass building.

Section Time and Place Teaching Fellows
201 Mon 7:00-8:50pm iOS in CTL 118A Johan Todi & Max Model
202 Tue 9:25-11:15am Web in CTL 120B (Nov 19 in 118A) Emily Schussheim & Tanushree Burman
203 Tue 9:25-10:55am iOS in CTL 120C Ileana Valdez & Bernardo Eilert-Trevisin
204 Tue 1:30-3:20pm Android in WLH 002 Reese Wynn & Victoria Stevens
205 Tue 1:30-3:00pm Web in WLH 209 Jack Adam & Jana Vranes
206 Tue 3:30-5:20pm Android in AKW 100 Greta Browne & Vincent Schaffer
207 Tue 3:30-5:20pm Web in WLH 203 Natalie Schultz-Henry & Mat Ferraro
209 Tue 7:00-8:50pm Web in CTL 118A Jack Adam & Hao Li
211 Tue 7:00-8:50pm Web in AKW 100 Justin Du & Alina Kramp
212 Tue 7:00-8:50pm Game in WTS B52 Jonathan Xu & Jude Ong
213 Tue 7:00-8:30pm Web in WTS B74 Youngmin Shin & Vincent Zhang
214 Wed 9:25-11:15am iOS in CTL 118A Ileana Valdez & Justin Sung
215 Wed 9:25-11:15am Game in CTL 121 Max Levatich & Masfi Khan

How do I know which comfort level to pick

We’ll let you ask to switch comfort levels for a couple of weeks after sections start so you have time to discover which comfort level is right for you.

How do I sign up for section or request a time change?

Complete the section sign-up form by 11:59 PM on Sunday, Sep. 15. Make sure to give your preference for every section time of both comfort levels. Also make sure to give the specific reason for each time conflict, such as the course number of a conflicting course. If you are requesting a time change, make sure your current section is not one of your preferred (it’s fine to make it an “ok” time); our sectioning algorithm will never move you from a preferred time of the correct comfort level to a different preferred time. It will attempt to move you from an “ok” time of the correct comfort level to a preferred time.

After Sep. 15, you have an additional two weeks switch comfort levels: until 11:59pm on Sunday, Sep. 29. To request a switch, e-mail asking to switch comfort levels, and ranking all the times you are available. We will make every effort to get you into a convenient section of the other comfort level.